Meet Farrell Elizabeth Douglass, Painter

Farrell Elizabeth Douglass, a Yavapai Hills resident since 2012, was encouraged as a young girl to draw and paint. After 20 years and 1 divorce, with 2 girls to raise, Farrell re-entered the job market.  At that time, the Phoenix Art Group was looking for artists to paint original art for the design trade.

The work was intense; working fast on the subject given, turning out 10-15 paintings per week helped her to learn a lot and fast. She lost her job when the Phoenix Art Group folded but was then contacted by an art sales agent from the LA area, who wanted to represent her. He took her work to Hollywood and was successful in renting and selling her art. Farrell occasionally sees one of her paintings while watching TV.

The Think Art Gallery in Scottsdale features her work, plus she does commission work for individuals. There are some “subjects” that are very close to her heart that she enjoys painting. Latest example: “Into the Wild” Series featuring endangered animals throughout the world.

Check out more of her work at where she is identified by her pseudonym Liz Farrell.