Meet Rick Cucuzza, Musician

Rick Cucuzza, Musician

Rick Cucuzza a Yavapai Hills resident since 1988 “is” evoL-utionairy – his talent, his creativity, his music, his imagination, along with his technical wizardry has helped him to create a one-man band. He creates ever-evolving live musical performances using his voice and a wide variety of electronic devices musical instruments (manipulated with his feet). There are no pre-recorded tracks ever used. Some of his performances are totally impromptu and others always uniquely different. He plays a variety of music to please everyone, including Contemporary Jazz, Blues, Funk, and Rock. Rick does cover music, as well as his own unique originals.

Rick began playing bass guitar at age 15 (loving the powerful feel of amplified bass), but soon switched to guitar, a much more expressive instrument. He played in the Southern California area with several local groups for 15 years.

In 1980, he found the instrument of his dreams – the Chapman Stick ( He literally gave up guitar to woodshed this new technique of playing music. He has played in our area in original, as well as cover, bands ever since. As of 2016, his main focus has become his single act called “evoL-ution”, performing “live” as a one-man-band. You can catch his shows all over northern Arizona. Find out more and check out his schedule at